How to Get the Best Deal from Renters Insurance

Most likely, Florida renters insurance purchases simply aren’t too high on your to-do list. Buying insurance can be a nuisance at best. In Florida, you have a legal obligation to take out insurance for your vehicle and your home if you own it, but not if you rent it. As it is not a legal requirement, many Florida tenants choose to get Renters insurance Florida and tenant insurance instead of encountering the problem of finding a good policy or paying the additional expense of hiring Florida tenant insurance. Others do not even think about getting renters insurance because they have the wrong impression that the homeowners insurance policy will cover them in the event of a disaster. However, the homeowners insurance policy provides coverage only for damage to the house, apartment or condominium that you are renting. It does not cover you or your products.

The other part of renters insurance is civil liability coverage. This is the coverage that would pay medical and legal bills if someone is injured on your property. Replacing your clothes and televisions is one thing, paying attorneys’ fees and hospital bills is a whole new level. You may be seeing more than $100,000 or more.

You may think that your basic Florida renters insurance policy protected you in any case. However, there are many circumstances that are not necessarily covered by a basic renters insurance policy. If you rent in the state of Florida, you should find out if your policy offers coverage in these areas. Otherwise, talk to your insurance agent about increasing your coverage to provide these additional protections.

A liability coverage pays for medical expenses, damages and legal fees when someone gets hurt and demands it. Most people opt for $100,000 coverage, but depending on their circumstances, you may need more or less liability coverage to protect your assets.

Coverage for loss of use: this pays for your living expenses (hotel and restaurant bills) when you need to leave your home temporarily due to damage from fire or other causes. Most policies also pay for their maintenance within two weeks if civil authorities force you to evacuate your home.

If you are renting in the state of Florida and do not have renters insurance, you are putting yourself at risk. Not only do you run the risk of losing your possession of fire, theft, etc., but also in Florida you run the risk of losing because of hurricanes. For this reason, it is doubly important to protect you and your property with Florida renters insurance.